CIBN Radio

    Buffalo Narrows Broadcasting Corporation

    A non-profit northern broadcasting company that expands its services in cable, radio and media bingo. As a non-profit station, the BNBC is directed by a Board of Directors and a station manager and employs a small group of individuals who work hard for the company and the community.

    CIBN Radio on 89.3FM

    The station produces local radio backed by employed and volunteering radio announcers, offering up to date news and music as well as community favourites, new and old.

    HD Now Available!

    BNBC also offers solid cable services that come at low cost and high performance for both basic cable and digital cable. Digital cable subscribers can also purchase Pay Per View events.

    Radio & TV Bingo

    Every Sunday Wednesday and Friday at 7pm (unless in the event of an auction), the BNBC offers the north's best media bingo called BNBC Radio & TV Bingo.